Song Review: “Oh My Damn!” by Christopher the Grey

Song Review: “Oh My Damn!” by Christopher the Grey

Rapper Christopher the Grey has released the song “Oh My Damn!” Released on May 9, 3rd Child Records should be proud of the talent displayed by this member of their roster. “Oh My Damn!” would best be enjoyed by fans of rap music, but those who enjoy catchy beats and discovering music just as it becomes big should also enjoy hearing this song. There is both a standard version and a radio edit, meaning those who prefer cleaner language can listen to the radio version while those who wish to listen to the song as originally intended can listen to the standard version.

“Oh My Damn!” starts off with rather high-pitched synths. Christopher the Grey’s vocals match this instrumental excellently, creating a flawless delivery that allows listeners to become fully immersed in the song. One of the most interesting parts of this song is how the lyric “Oh my damn” is actually in the background a bit, rather than in the main vocal stem. Lyrics such as “Got a pocketful of lettuce” and “Got a thick girl fetish” are some of the most memorable, although the whole song proves Christopher the Grey’s abilities as a songwriter as well as a rapper. This is a song that will almost certainly bring Christopher the Grey to new heights.

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Song Review #2: “The Reason” by Norman Alexander

Song Review: “The Reason” by Norman Alexander

Norman Alexander has released the song “The Reason,” as well as a corresponding music video. This is a standout song in Norman Alexander’s discography and is only made better by watching the music video.

The music video begins with Norman Alexander sitting down, clearly looking sad and defeated. Throughout the entire music video, the emotion of the song is brought to life even more. Viewers will be able to sense that Norman Alexander is truly feeling the words he is singing. In the video, Norman Alexander can be seen in several different settings, with the video panning among these settings throughout the song. This includes him standing in front of a fire as well as lying down amongst green-tinted smoke. The dramatic settings match the emotion of the song itself, making this a very emotional music video.

The lyrics to “The Reason” depict Norman Alexander as a man who has to deal with a rough patch in a relationship alone. For example, in the first verse he sings about his friends not understanding just how much he is hurting: “I try to tell my friends what’s on my mind/They say I will be just fine.” In the second verse, he sings “I woke up in pain” and “I dug my own grave,” clearly hating on himself for past actions.

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Album Preview #2: “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo

Album Preview: “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo

The band BadCameo’s new album “Friday Night Time Warp” will be released on August 5, 2022. The ten track effort will include three singles that are already available to stream on all platforms: “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love.” With these three singles, BadCameo proves themselves to be more than capable of making high quality funk music. Anyone who enjoys listening to funk music should give a listen to all three of these songs, and keep the upcoming release date of the album in mind. In fact, the album can be pre-ordered now should one choose to do after hearing the three singles.

The first impression many people will have of “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love” are that these are three uptempo funk songs that will make people want to dance. On “Funk Train,” lyrics such as “So pull up to the station/the party will ignite” reinforces this sentiment. On “Healin,” listeners will hear lyrics including “I’m movin’ on like a rolling stone,” an ode to their classic rock roots in a song about moving on from a relationship. Finally, in “Fast Love,” lyrics like “Don’t make me beg/Don’t make me plead/Don’t make me get down on my knees” sees BadCameo singing about the complexities of love.

To pre-order “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo, visit Unable Records ( To listen to BadCameo’s currently-released discography, including “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love” off the upcoming album, visit Spotify ( To connect with BadCameo, visit Instagram ( and Linktree ( Be sure to also check out BadCameo’s website ( BadCameo is based in Tampa Bay and features Lando Pieroni on vocals and guitar, Dan Mead on drums, and Geoff Weber on keyboard, bass, and flute.

Album Preview: “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo

On August 5, 2022, the band BadCameo will release their album “Friday Night Time Warp.” This album will include ten tracks, including three already-released singles: “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love.” Anyone looking for new funk music should check out these three singles and wait in anticipation for the new album.

Upon listening to “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love,” it would not be a surprise if listeners decide to pre-order the album. These are songs that will make any funk music lover want to get up and dance, and are catchy enough to also have universal appeal. Listeners will be inclined to see if BadCameo is playing live near them, as these are perfect songs to hear live. Regardless, these three songs build up the anticipation to “Friday Night Time Warp” quite well and are bound to turn first-time listeners into fans. BadCameo proves they are a band with great potential, and if these three songs are any indication, listeners will enjoy the remaining seven songs.

To pre-order “Friday Night Time Warp” by BadCameo, visit Unable Records ( To listen to BadCameo’s currently-released discography, including “Funk Train,” “Healin’,” and “Fast Love” off the upcoming album, visit Spotify ( To connect with BadCameo, visit Instagram ( and Linktree ( Be sure to also check out BadCameo’s website ( BadCameo is based in Tampa Bay and features Lando Pieroni on vocals and guitar, Dan Mead on drums, and Geoff Weber on keyboard, bass, and flute.

Song Review: “Rock The Boat” by INDIGO

Song Review: “Rock The Boat” by INDIGO

Singer INDIGO has released the song “Rock The Boat.” This is her first song since 2019, and fans will find that this was worth the wait. Anyone who enjoys R&B and hip-hop songs should give “Rock The Boat” a listen, as should anyone who likes listening to songs with a chill tone.

“Rock The Boat” starts with some calm, tropical house-like synths, with INDIGO saying her name a couple times to introduce herself. Soon after, she sings “Every time you call me I come running to you,” cementing this as a song about her and someone she is in a relationship with. There is complexity in the songwriting, with some lyrics even taking on religious undertones: “Got me caught up in a rapture/Holy water need a Pastor.” In the chorus, INDIGO memorably sings the lyric “I got the juice indigo,” once again allowing first-time listeners to remember her name. The song title also comes from the chorus, when she sings “Rock the boat/Want you to jump in my ocean now.” Suggestive lyrics like these indicate INDIGO wants to advance the relationship.

INDIGO has also released a music video for “Rock The Boat,” which sees INDIGO with a man and background dancers on a beach on a sunny day. It is an enjoyable music video to watch that complements the song well.

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Album Review: “Rock & Roll Fantasy” by The Fats

Album Review: “Rock & Roll Fantasy” by The Fats

Rock band The Fats has released the record “Rock & Roll Fantasy.” This nine-song effort proves The Fats to be capable of making rock music that will stand the test of time. Anyone who likes rock music, whether it be classic rock or modern rock, should check out “Rock & Roll Fantasy” by The Fats.

The album contains nine tracks: “Hellhound,” “Best of You,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Dirty Shirley,” “Get so High,” “On the Run,” “Big Boss Man,” “Walkin’ the Dog,” and “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy.” These songs are unique enough that any given listener is likely to have a different opinion as to what the standout track is. However, it cannot be understated that this album sounds like a cohesive effort, with each and every song belonging on it. Every song is either mid-tempo or uptempo, and varies on subject. For example, subject matter varies from love, dreams, and real life.

This album features the vocals and guitar of James Chiha, who has the perfect voice for a rock record. It also prominently features guitars from Alex Kotsornithis. In fact, listeners will come to know the soaring electric guitars as one of the pillars of a song by The Fats from this album. Finally, it features drums from Brandon Benwell, which remain an integral part of the mix and do not fade into the background.

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EP Review #2: “Dead Summer” by Levi Zadoff and DEAD HENDRIX

EP Review: “Dead Summer” by Levi Zadoff and DEAD HENDRIX

Levi Zadoff and DEAD HENDRIX have a new joint EP out on all streaming platforms now. Titled “Dead Summer,” this EP was released on June 3, 2022. It includes four standard songs, “DON’T THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER,” “ALONE,” “CANT BE GOD,” and “LOVE GAME.” It also includes a fifth song, “TEENAGE DIRTBAG,” labeled as a bonus track. If you are a fan of punk music or rap music, this EP is certainly worth checking out.

The first track off “Dead Summer” is “DON’T THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER.” This song goes into the intricacies of what it means to be in a relationship that is going through a rough patch. Listeners will instantly refer back to this track for its catchiness, particularly the “Don’t think it could get much better/Na na na na na na na” hook. Soaring guitars and drums combine with passionate vocals to create a standout track. The second track is titled “ALONE,” and is noteworthy for the repetitiveness of its hook. It is also noteworthy for showing off the artists’ rap skills, whereas “DON’T THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER” introduced their ability to create a high-quality punk song. The third song arguably has the most interesting title of all the songs: “CANT BE GOD.” It takes a look at life and is sung over a more laid-back beat. Following this track is “LOVE GAME,” where the narrator sings “We both know I’m no hero,” demonstrating a sense of humility. Lastly, “TEENAGE DIRTBAG” closes out the EP with the artists thinking about what they want to be, singing “I don’t want to be a teenage dirtbag.”

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EP Review: “Summer Days” by Agaapi


Electronic producer Agaapi has released his new EP titled “Summer Days.” This EP includes four brand new tracks: “Oceanside,” “Feel It,” “Speed,” and “Take Care.” This EP is a great introduction to Agaapi for those who have yet to listen to his music, and will also be enjoyed by pre-existing fans. Those who enjoy listening to electronic music, and in particular electronic music fit for summer, are likely to enjoy this EP.

All four tracks on “Summer Days” are aptly titled. “Oceanside” actually sounds like one is sitting by the ocean, hanging out and listening to the track. This song is upbeat with keys-driven synths soaring over a drum beat. After that comes “Feel It,” which is decisively more intense than “Oceanside” in sound. Listeners will no longer feel like they are on a beach; rather, this song would sound best indoor at a club. The third song is titled “Speed,” likely due to it being the most upbeat song on the album. The beat drop is upbeat in tone, and follows an upbeat build-up. When listening to this song, one of the things that will come to mind is the fast tempo. Finally, “Take Care” closes out the EP, a song which seemingly combined elements from all three of “Oceanside,” “Feel It,” and “Speed” to create a whole new song worthy of listeners’ attention.

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“The Reason” by Norman Alexander

Norman Alexander has released the song “The Reason.” This is an emotional piano ballad sure to please fans of anyone who likes this type of music, as well as anyone going through a rough patch in a relationship. The song is currently Norman Alexander’s most popular song on Spotify, and for very good reason.

“The Reason” starts with piano, with a phone ringing in the background. The ringing phone comes full circle at the end of the song, where an automated voicemail messaging system asks Norman Alexander if he would like to press send on the message. Listeners do not know if he does, ending the song on a cliffhanger. Through the lyrics, listeners will come to realize that Norman Alexander feels at fault for being in a tough situation. For example, he sings “Look what I’ve done, so much damage” toward the beginning of the song, and closes the song with “What do you do when you’re woman’s down/And you’re the reason.”

The most emotional part of “The Reason” comes with the chorus. In it, Norman Alexander belts out lyrics such as “What do you do when your woman’s down and you’re scared and cold?” He is left wondering how to solve his problems, particularly the ones with his relationship. Instrumentally, the piano is accompanied by soft violins. This chorus, as well as the song in general, is what will make listeners want to check out the rest of Norman Alexander’s discography.

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“Unbeautiful” by Savarre #2

Savarre has certainly pleased fans with the release of her new song “Unbeautiful.” This song is about thinking back to a relationship that didn’t quite work out. Anyone who likes breakup songs will surely enjoy “Unbeautiful.” Additionally, anyone who enjoys hearing electric guitars prominently will also enjoy hearing this song.

The theme of this song revolves around a man calling Savarre ‘unbeautiful.’ The electric guitar complements Savarre’s vocals rather nicely throughout the entire song. For example, both start fairly softly and grow in volume as the song continues. While not the only part of the instrumental, listeners will find their ears gravitating toward the electric guitar, given how prominent it becomes in volume. By the end of the song the electric guitar gets loud enough that “Unbeautiful” practically becomes a duet between the vocals and the guitar. This is certainly a good thing, as it is unimaginable to think of “Unbeautiful” being as good without either one of them.

Perhaps the most memorable lyric in “Unbeautiful” is the one that gives the song its title: “You’re unbeautiful/But you’re free.” This means that being ‘unbeautiful’ isn’t so bad after all, as it means you no longer have to deal with the person who called you such. Sure, it is tough to hear that insult from someone, but it can be used as a means to move on from them and be independent.

Savarre’s new song “Unbeautiful” can be heard on Spotify ( Savarre is also on Instagram, and can be followed @savarreofficial.