Song Review: “Add It Up” by MB03

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On August 11, 2021, independent hip hop artist MB03 released his track “Add It Up.” The song serves as a reflection on his life so far, including thoughts on who is surrounding him and who he wants to be. Additionally, a music video for “Add It Up” was released on August 17, 2021. This gives a visual representation of MB03’s lyrics, and helps listeners to better understand his message.

The music video opens with a visual of MB03 holding loads of money in his hand, and proceeds to show him around many people, presumably friends. He oftentimes raps while on a gravel road with a woman dancing near him over a beat that prominently features a drum machine and piano. The music video generally sets a positive tone and allows viewers to have a desire to be there, having fun with everyone else.

An even deeper meaning to “Add It Up” emerges when one learns about MB03’s background. When he was young, he lost his mother and father to murder, leading to a voice that he has self-described as having “a lot of pain in it.” Because of his past experiences, MB03 comes across as truly genuine when he delivers his lyrics, something that is clearly important in allowing listeners to connect with one’s music. As for his location, he grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and is now proud to call Northwest Indiana his home.

After taking several months off from creating music, “Add It Up” marks MB03’s return to his music career. It is certainly a triumphant return, and one with near-perfect reception that has helped him expand his fanbase rapidly. The music video is available for streaming on YouTube (, and you can find all the ways to stream and buy “Add It Up” and all other songs by MB03 by clicking on this link: His Instagram handle is @m.b.0.3, and his Twitter handle is MB03OFFICIAL. He tours with acts such as . He tours with acts such as Twista, Lil Bibby, and Bone Thugs & Harmony. His website is Be on the lookout for his upcoming project “Momma Child,” which is being released on Halloween.

Song Review: “Pray For You 2021” by Naomi Suzuki

UK-based Japanese singer Naomi Suzuki has released two remixes of her song, “Pray For You 2021.” One of these remixes is in English, while the other is in Japanese. Between these two, Suzuki has released a catchy and meaningful song that is likely to resonate with listeners around the world.

Lyrically, “Pray For You 2021” begins with “Clear road ahead that is calling me/Like a bell full of hope that will set me free.” Naomi Suzuki’s usage of simile in the second line of the song hints to listeners that, in a sense, “Pray For You 2021” is a poem set to music. She goes on to reflect on the current status of humanity, indicated through lyrics such as “Greed takes priority” and “You can’t ignore all the things we stole from planet earth.” These lyrics prove “Pray For You 2021” to be a song where listeners will reflect and think, rather than simply listen passively.

In the first chorus, Naomi Suzuki sings “Pray for you/Why did we give it all away/I pray for you/Tears falling from the sky.” At this point, Suzuki has tapped into multiple emotions; with “Tears falling from the sky,” she paints a picture of the dire situation. Unlike most other songs, the choruses of “Pray For You 2021” alter lyrics. In the second chorus, Suzuki follows the line “Pray for you” with “Hang on and we’ll see it through at last,” and in the third chorus, she follows it with “We need to gain the strength to find a way.” This demonstrates Suzuki’s vast lyrical ability, and her ability to diversify lyrics instead of focusing on basic repetition. Through this, Suzuki is able to tell a more complete story than she would have, had she chosen repetition over the quantity (and quality) of lyrics.

Outside of the choruses, perhaps the most memorable lyric in “Pray For You 2021” is “Mother nature/Wash away the poison from our history.” Here, Suzuki is bluntly indicating there have been missteps in the development of humanity. On behalf of humanity, Suzuki is seeking to reconcile with nature over the ways we have hurt it. It is a key line that summarizes the message of the entire song.

As there are versions of “Pray For You 2021” in both English and Japanese, there are two different music videos. It should be noted, though, that neither version is fully in one language. In the English version, the bridge is sung in Japanese; in the Japanese version, the words ‘pray for you’ are sung in English.

In the music video for the English version, viewers will see Naomi Suzuki standing alone in the street in the daylight, at times dancing. This empowers the idea of reflection and thinking; by being alone, Suzuki is able to get away from the hustles of everyday life and think about humanity’s connection with nature.

At other points of the music video for the English version of “Pray For You 2021,” viewers will see Naomi Suzuki performing subtle dances in front of a dark backdrop. This backdrop unleashes various special effects, including the appearance of stars in space, as well as lasers and a lit up Earth that appears to be dancing along.

In the music video for the Japanese version of “Pray For You 2021,” viewers will see Naomi Suzuki strolling down a different empty sidewalk. In addition, Suzuki appears in the middle of an open field, something not seen in the music video for the English version of the song. At times, she stands in front of a backdrop, but this one is lit in bright colors; swirls of blue and white is the first effect viewers will see.  Eventually, viewers will find Naomi in front of a back drop featuring scenery in Japan, helping distinguish this music video from the English one.

Both the English version and the Japanese version of “Pray For You 2021” showcase Naomi Suzuki’s strong vocals. She has a smooth, flawless falsetto that she uses throughout a good portion of the song. Her voice is very gentle, giving a soft-spoken sound that allows listeners to feel at ease. One can easily envision Suzuki performing the song well in all settings, whether it be at a large venue or a small acoustic performance. Given her strong voice, it is safe to say she is an artist who has the ability to connect with listeners through various styles and even various languages.

The instrumentation featured on “Pray For You 2021” consists mostly of a steady drum beat and horns. These horns are extremely prominent, becoming an integral element of the song. The horns harmonize with Suzuki in the chorus, elevating its sound to being as powerful as possible. Simply put, Suzuki could not have picked a better arrangement to accompany her vocals.

The horns are given a solo three minutes into the song. As this happens, both music videos display Naomi Suzuki’s name. This seemingly applies that the song is about to fade out. Rather, the end of the horn solo is followed by a third chorus. With the false expectation that the song is wrapping up, listeners are given a pleasant surprise to hear Suzuki’s vocals return one more time.

In general, “Pray For You 2021” is a song about both sadness of the past and hope for the future. After all, despite many lyrics with negative connotations, Naomi Suzuki also sings “The future doesn’t have to be so sad.” Suzuki’s message of saving the planet is one that everyone needs to hear as a refresher of humanity’s delicate relationship with the earth.

There is no shortage of ways to connect with Naomi Suzuki. Her music is on Spotify ( and she can be found on Twitter (, Instagram (, and Facebook ( and Check out her videos on YouTube ( as well as her website (

“Do What You Gotta Do” by Dejhare

Dejhare’s latest song, “Do What You Gotta Do,” tackles the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Lyrical Discussion

“Do What You Gotta Do” features many memorable lyrics. Every lyric plays a part in delivering a larger message. In the first verse, the following lyric stands out: “Food order to go/No more dining out.” This is when listeners will realize the song is about COVID-19, and the changes everyone has had to make as a result of the pandemic. Additionally, this lyric will make the song relatable to many people. Given everyone needs to eat and many people don’t want to potentially expose themselves or expose others, putting in a lyric related to the new way of getting food is a smart move.

Later, Dejhare starts singing faster, and phrases her message stronger and more coherently: “It’s chaotic/We’re panicking/Items ran out of stock/No gathering/Do quarantine/Keep your safety zone/Get Amazon delivery/Easy and convenient/Lower the risk/Try stay healthy/Do what you gotta do.”

Just like the lyric about food orders, this rapid succession of lyrics is relatable to everyone, given the unfavorable circumstances that we have to adapt to in the past nine months. Some items went out of stock at the very beginning of the pandemic, and trying to stay healthy has been the number one goal. By saying “keep your safety zone,” Dejhare reminds listeners of the concept of social distancing, or staying at least six feet away from non-family members at all times.

The chorus is packed with a deep and pertinent message: “Wear your mask/But never close your heart/Don’t ever drift away/From kindness/From rightness/Wear your mask/But never lose your sight/Don’t ever close your eyes/Be friendly/Stay smiling/Wear your mask/But never lose your sense/Don’t ever waste your time/Stay focused/Life’s precious/Wear your mask/But never break apart/Don’t ever lose your hope/Keep moving/Keep living.”

Despite the lyric-heavy chorus, listeners will see that “Do What You Gotta Do” is a song full of meaning and carries some important social message. Everything Dejhare says in the chorus appears to be coming from deep inside her heart given the emotion expressed in her performance. Given Dejhare’s website describes her as someone who wants to “reach out to people on a very personal level,” listeners should not be surprised at her emotion. “Do what you gotta do” is a positive song that gently reminds us to stay strong and to do the right thing to go through the pandemic.

Production & Lyric Video Discussion

For a song to truly be good, it not only needs good vocals and instrumentation, but also good production. Luckily for Dejhare, the production on “Do What You Gotta Do” is flawless. Listeners will be able to hear her voice and lyrics very clearly without losing any quality of the instrumentation. When the voice and instrumentation properly come together, listeners will find “Do What You Gotta Do” to be an all-around high quality song.

As for the lyric video, listeners will find the visuals displaying a figurine dancing along with colorful animated lyrical texts, which make the video easily stands out and to be enjoyed by many. So check out the lyric video for “Do What You Gotta Do” yourself and connect with Dejhare and follow her along as she continues her musical journey.

Artist Review: Mhod Dj

Mhod dj, otherwise known as Mhod, is an Italian DJ taking the world by storm. He is the mastermind behind songs such as 2020’s “Break It Down,” “Amore,” “Asi Es El Groove,” “Give Your Something,” and “Warm Up.” Combined, his songs have over one hundred thousand listens on Spotify. They have also given him over three thousand followers on Soundcloud. Multiple record labels have taken attention to Mhod, who since 2015 has signed with Defected Records, Elrow Music, Repopulate Mars, Incorrect Music, Lapsus Music, and Be One Records. 

Mhod’s beats are uptempo, perfect for clubs and dance floors. He heavily utilizes bass, a staple in dance music, and makes catchy melodies using synthesizers. Listeners will hear variations of Mhod’s signature drum beat in many songs, allowing listeners to identify Mhod’s primary sound. Mhod’s TechHouse music can be enjoyed by people around the world. In fact, Mhod has played his music not only in his home country of Italy, but also in Spain, the UK, Slovenia, Romania, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. No matter what language one may speak, Mhod’s uptempo beats are universally connected to the feelings of having fun and enjoying life. 

With 2021 around the corner, Mhod is certainly an artist music lovers should watch. Between his catchy beats and constant influx of new songs, Mhod is an artist ready to continue to show the world his talents. 

Mhod can be found on Instagram (, Spotify (, Soundcloud (, Facebook (, and Beatport (

Song Review: “Because Of You” by Darrell Kelley

Darrell Kelley of Viral Records has released the song “Because Of You.”The song is classified as a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop, and tackles the issue of gun violence.

The song begins with a string instrumental, making it immediately clear that the song will be emotional. When the lyrics begin, the instrumentation changes to consist of piano and a drum beat, giving the song a more up-tempo vibe. The lyrics indeed are emotional, with Kelley mentioning in the first verse “All I see is bad news.” He goes on to paint a picture of children as the victims of gun violence, and bluntly states “Tell us what you’re going to do/This is all because of you.” This presumably is aimed at the lack of action taken to eliminate school shootings. Kelley also makes sure that everyone understands the message of the song up front, mentioning in the bridge that “We have to come together to stop the gun violence.”

This is the type of song that truly allows the listener to reflect after hearing it, about the issue of gun violence and what they could do about it. Additionally, you can hear the emotion in Darrell Kelley’s voice by listening to the song, making it even more powerful. The production of the instrumentation goes along with it well, yet another reason to give this song a listen and decide if you like it.

You can listen to “Because Of You” on YouTube ( and Soundcloud ( Follow Darrell Kelley on Facebook to stay up to date with his music (

Album Review: “Unbreakable” by Dejhare

Dejhare released her first album “Unbreakable” in September 2019. It features the tracks Trust My Love, Be Mine, Time is Everything, Alone Long Enough, Stand by Me, Without You, No More Games, Don’t Let Us Lose, The Best We Have Now, New Love, What Is Love?, and Unbreakable. One stand-out trait that “Unbreakable” has is its lack of sticking to a single genre. Songs have elements of pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music in them, making the album a worthy listen for fans of many kinds of music.

What immediately sticks out with “Unbreakable” is its production, which prioritizes both the vocals and instrumentation roughly equally. This is in contrast to many modern recordings, where the vocals are the primary sound with the instrumentation in the background. While it is different, I am a fan of the production “Unbreakable” has to offer, as it is a well-crafted diversion from the norm. The fact that this style of production works for the album says a lot about the instrumentation itself. Catchy guitars, drums, and electronic beats complement the vocals, and this style of production allows the listener to hear everything without having to try.

While it is easy to see why different listeners will have different favorite songs, I want to individually discuss the song “What Is Love?,” the 11th track off the album. It starts with Dejhare asking “Tell me what would you do for love?” and continues on to ask what love is without direction, connection, affection, attention, compassion, devotion, and direction. The song has an ongoing electronic beat as well as a guitar solo, a combination not often heard but enjoyed nonetheless. It is an up-tempo song on an album primarily consisting of mid-tempo songs, and is something that can be foreseen as becoming an addition to many playlists.

In fact, a lot of the album stems back to the question about what love is. For example, in the opening track, Dejhare wants someone to “open your eyes and trust my love.” In “No More Games”, Dejhare sings in an upbeat tone that without the stresses of a particular person, there will be “no more trauma.” In the final track, ballad “Unbreakable,” she sings that she and someone else have an “unbreakable love.” As is seen, Dejhare sings about multiple stages of love. By naming the album “Unbreakable” and choosing the title track to close out the album, she implies that ultimately, through the good and bad parts of love, she will stand strong.

To find out more about Dejhare, visit her website ( To see all the ways to listen to the album click here:

Song Review: “Mockingbird” by Alpha Cat

The artist Alpha Cat released the song “Mockingbird” in August 2019 off her album “Thatched Roof Glass House.” It serves as the second single off that album. Additional credits on the song go to Fred Smith, Doug Pettibone, Reggie McBride, Chris Butler, Jason Harrison, Jon Mattox, and Brett Thorngren.

The lyrics give the impression that “Mockingbird” is about a dilemma between being who you are and who you realize you have to be in order to feel love. In fact, the chorus is repeatedly the lyric: “Be yourself or be loved.” The narrator gives advice such as “Try not to think/Best not to feel so much,” which comes in the second half of the second verse as a measure to solve the dilemma.

What instantly stands out are Alpha Cat’s smooth vocals, backed by a simple drum beat and catchy guitar chords. It is easy to find yourself paying much attention to the drums, with a beat that fits the melody well. Also, I recognized how the song was more of an observation of the narrator’s surroundings than a personal experience, with Alpha Cat not often including words such as ‘I’ or ‘me.’ This song should suit the desires of anyone looking for an acoustic rock song with an observational storyline.

If you would like to listen to the song “Mockingbird,” visit Alpha Cat’s SoundCloud page ( To find out more about Alpha Cat, visit her Facebook page (