Song Review: “Mockingbird” by Alpha Cat

The artist Alpha Cat released the song “Mockingbird” in August 2019 off her album “Thatched Roof Glass House.” It serves as the second single off that album. Additional credits on the song go to Fred Smith, Doug Pettibone, Reggie McBride, Chris Butler, Jason Harrison, Jon Mattox, and Brett Thorngren.

The lyrics give the impression that “Mockingbird” is about a dilemma between being who you are and who you realize you have to be in order to feel love. In fact, the chorus is repeatedly the lyric: “Be yourself or be loved.” The narrator gives advice such as “Try not to think/Best not to feel so much,” which comes in the second half of the second verse as a measure to solve the dilemma.

What instantly stands out are Alpha Cat’s smooth vocals, backed by a simple drum beat and catchy guitar chords. It is easy to find yourself paying much attention to the drums, with a beat that fits the melody well. Also, I recognized how the song was more of an observation of the narrator’s surroundings than a personal experience, with Alpha Cat not often including words such as ‘I’ or ‘me.’ This song should suit the desires of anyone looking for an acoustic rock song with an observational storyline.

If you would like to listen to the song “Mockingbird,” visit Alpha Cat’s SoundCloud page ( To find out more about Alpha Cat, visit her Facebook page (

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