Album Review: “Unbreakable” by Dejhare

Dejhare released her first album “Unbreakable” in September 2019. It features the tracks Trust My Love, Be Mine, Time is Everything, Alone Long Enough, Stand by Me, Without You, No More Games, Don’t Let Us Lose, The Best We Have Now, New Love, What Is Love?, and Unbreakable. One stand-out trait that “Unbreakable” has is its lack of sticking to a single genre. Songs have elements of pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music in them, making the album a worthy listen for fans of many kinds of music.

What immediately sticks out with “Unbreakable” is its production, which prioritizes both the vocals and instrumentation roughly equally. This is in contrast to many modern recordings, where the vocals are the primary sound with the instrumentation in the background. While it is different, I am a fan of the production “Unbreakable” has to offer, as it is a well-crafted diversion from the norm. The fact that this style of production works for the album says a lot about the instrumentation itself. Catchy guitars, drums, and electronic beats complement the vocals, and this style of production allows the listener to hear everything without having to try.

While it is easy to see why different listeners will have different favorite songs, I want to individually discuss the song “What Is Love?,” the 11th track off the album. It starts with Dejhare asking “Tell me what would you do for love?” and continues on to ask what love is without direction, connection, affection, attention, compassion, devotion, and direction. The song has an ongoing electronic beat as well as a guitar solo, a combination not often heard but enjoyed nonetheless. It is an up-tempo song on an album primarily consisting of mid-tempo songs, and is something that can be foreseen as becoming an addition to many playlists.

In fact, a lot of the album stems back to the question about what love is. For example, in the opening track, Dejhare wants someone to “open your eyes and trust my love.” In “No More Games”, Dejhare sings in an upbeat tone that without the stresses of a particular person, there will be “no more trauma.” In the final track, ballad “Unbreakable,” she sings that she and someone else have an “unbreakable love.” As is seen, Dejhare sings about multiple stages of love. By naming the album “Unbreakable” and choosing the title track to close out the album, she implies that ultimately, through the good and bad parts of love, she will stand strong.

To find out more about Dejhare, visit her website ( To see all the ways to listen to the album click here:


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