Song Review: “Because Of You” by Darrell Kelley

Darrell Kelley of Viral Records has released the song “Because Of You.”The song is classified as a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop, and tackles the issue of gun violence.

The song begins with a string instrumental, making it immediately clear that the song will be emotional. When the lyrics begin, the instrumentation changes to consist of piano and a drum beat, giving the song a more up-tempo vibe. The lyrics indeed are emotional, with Kelley mentioning in the first verse “All I see is bad news.” He goes on to paint a picture of children as the victims of gun violence, and bluntly states “Tell us what you’re going to do/This is all because of you.” This presumably is aimed at the lack of action taken to eliminate school shootings. Kelley also makes sure that everyone understands the message of the song up front, mentioning in the bridge that “We have to come together to stop the gun violence.”

This is the type of song that truly allows the listener to reflect after hearing it, about the issue of gun violence and what they could do about it. Additionally, you can hear the emotion in Darrell Kelley’s voice by listening to the song, making it even more powerful. The production of the instrumentation goes along with it well, yet another reason to give this song a listen and decide if you like it.

You can listen to “Because Of You” on YouTube ( and Soundcloud ( Follow Darrell Kelley on Facebook to stay up to date with his music (

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