Artist Review: Mhod Dj

Mhod dj, otherwise known as Mhod, is an Italian DJ taking the world by storm. He is the mastermind behind songs such as 2020’s “Break It Down,” “Amore,” “Asi Es El Groove,” “Give Your Something,” and “Warm Up.” Combined, his songs have over one hundred thousand listens on Spotify. They have also given him over three thousand followers on Soundcloud. Multiple record labels have taken attention to Mhod, who since 2015 has signed with Defected Records, Elrow Music, Repopulate Mars, Incorrect Music, Lapsus Music, and Be One Records. 

Mhod’s beats are uptempo, perfect for clubs and dance floors. He heavily utilizes bass, a staple in dance music, and makes catchy melodies using synthesizers. Listeners will hear variations of Mhod’s signature drum beat in many songs, allowing listeners to identify Mhod’s primary sound. Mhod’s TechHouse music can be enjoyed by people around the world. In fact, Mhod has played his music not only in his home country of Italy, but also in Spain, the UK, Slovenia, Romania, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. No matter what language one may speak, Mhod’s uptempo beats are universally connected to the feelings of having fun and enjoying life. 

With 2021 around the corner, Mhod is certainly an artist music lovers should watch. Between his catchy beats and constant influx of new songs, Mhod is an artist ready to continue to show the world his talents. 

Mhod can be found on Instagram (, Spotify (, Soundcloud (, Facebook (, and Beatport (

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