“Do What You Gotta Do” by Dejhare

Dejhare’s latest song, “Do What You Gotta Do,” tackles the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Lyrical Discussion

“Do What You Gotta Do” features many memorable lyrics. Every lyric plays a part in delivering a larger message. In the first verse, the following lyric stands out: “Food order to go/No more dining out.” This is when listeners will realize the song is about COVID-19, and the changes everyone has had to make as a result of the pandemic. Additionally, this lyric will make the song relatable to many people. Given everyone needs to eat and many people don’t want to potentially expose themselves or expose others, putting in a lyric related to the new way of getting food is a smart move.

Later, Dejhare starts singing faster, and phrases her message stronger and more coherently: “It’s chaotic/We’re panicking/Items ran out of stock/No gathering/Do quarantine/Keep your safety zone/Get Amazon delivery/Easy and convenient/Lower the risk/Try stay healthy/Do what you gotta do.”

Just like the lyric about food orders, this rapid succession of lyrics is relatable to everyone, given the unfavorable circumstances that we have to adapt to in the past nine months. Some items went out of stock at the very beginning of the pandemic, and trying to stay healthy has been the number one goal. By saying “keep your safety zone,” Dejhare reminds listeners of the concept of social distancing, or staying at least six feet away from non-family members at all times.

The chorus is packed with a deep and pertinent message: “Wear your mask/But never close your heart/Don’t ever drift away/From kindness/From rightness/Wear your mask/But never lose your sight/Don’t ever close your eyes/Be friendly/Stay smiling/Wear your mask/But never lose your sense/Don’t ever waste your time/Stay focused/Life’s precious/Wear your mask/But never break apart/Don’t ever lose your hope/Keep moving/Keep living.”

Despite the lyric-heavy chorus, listeners will see that “Do What You Gotta Do” is a song full of meaning and carries some important social message. Everything Dejhare says in the chorus appears to be coming from deep inside her heart given the emotion expressed in her performance. Given Dejhare’s website describes her as someone who wants to “reach out to people on a very personal level,” listeners should not be surprised at her emotion. “Do what you gotta do” is a positive song that gently reminds us to stay strong and to do the right thing to go through the pandemic.

Production & Lyric Video Discussion

For a song to truly be good, it not only needs good vocals and instrumentation, but also good production. Luckily for Dejhare, the production on “Do What You Gotta Do” is flawless. Listeners will be able to hear her voice and lyrics very clearly without losing any quality of the instrumentation. When the voice and instrumentation properly come together, listeners will find “Do What You Gotta Do” to be an all-around high quality song.

As for the lyric video, listeners will find the visuals displaying a figurine dancing along with colorful animated lyrical texts, which make the video easily stands out and to be enjoyed by many. So check out the lyric video for “Do What You Gotta Do” yourself and connect with Dejhare and follow her along as she continues her musical journey.


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