Song Review: “Add It Up” by MB03

On August 11, 2021, independent hip hop artist MB03 released his track “Add It Up.” The song serves as a reflection on his life so far, including thoughts on who is surrounding him and who he wants to be. Additionally, a music video for “Add It Up” was released on August 17, 2021. This gives a visual representation of MB03’s lyrics, and helps listeners to better understand his message.

The music video opens with a visual of MB03 holding loads of money in his hand, and proceeds to show him around many people, presumably friends. He oftentimes raps while on a gravel road with a woman dancing near him over a beat that prominently features a drum machine and piano. The music video generally sets a positive tone and allows viewers to have a desire to be there, having fun with everyone else.

An even deeper meaning to “Add It Up” emerges when one learns about MB03’s background. When he was young, he lost his mother and father to murder, leading to a voice that he has self-described as having “a lot of pain in it.” Because of his past experiences, MB03 comes across as truly genuine when he delivers his lyrics, something that is clearly important in allowing listeners to connect with one’s music. As for his location, he grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and is now proud to call Northwest Indiana his home.

After taking several months off from creating music, “Add It Up” marks MB03’s return to his music career. It is certainly a triumphant return, and one with near-perfect reception that has helped him expand his fanbase rapidly. The music video is available for streaming on YouTube (, and you can find all the ways to stream and buy “Add It Up” and all other songs by MB03 by clicking on this link: His Instagram handle is @m.b.0.3, and his Twitter handle is MB03OFFICIAL. He tours with acts such as . He tours with acts such as Twista, Lil Bibby, and Bone Thugs & Harmony. His website is Be on the lookout for his upcoming project “Momma Child,” which is being released on Halloween.

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