EP Review: Pop? By Tierra Whack

On December 9, 2021, Tierra Whack released the EP “Pop?” The EP contains three songs: “Body Of Water,” “Lazy,” and “Dolly.” All three songs make this EP aptly named. It is not quite pop music, but certainly the closest Tierra Whack has come to it. Known for rap and R&B, “Pop?” is a daring experiment that should win her over some new fans.

The first song, “Body of Water,” will sound most familiar to those used to Tierra Whack’s rap/R&B sound. Verses are sung at a notably fast tempo, bordering on rap. The first verse finds multiple references, including one to Drake and one to an ’06 Civic car. In the chorus, Tierra Whack notes “Let’s start a fire.” Interestingly, the phrase “body of water” is never once mentioned.

The second song, “Lazy,” is undeniably pop. In it, Tierra Whack declares independence from a lover, finding many creative ways to call him lazy and giving examples of times he let her down. This is most notable in the lyric “Get your own money/You’ve been spending all mine baby/My sofa’s sinking in because your behind’s lazy.” It is a catchy song that is sure to be relatable for many, making it a song that will resonate with listeners.

The third and final song off “Pop?” is “Dolly.” Lyrically, this song is the opposite of “Lazy.” Tierra Whack is vowing to spend more time with a significant other, singing “I know I’m busy but I gotta make time for you” in the chorus. The stark contrast between “Lazy” and “Dolly” demonstrate Tierra Whack’s versatility as a songwriter.

With “Pop?,” Tierra Whack proves there is more to her artistry than her R&B and rap skills. This is a highly-recommended listen for those who are already fans of Tierra Whack, as well as those who are just discovering her now.

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