Song Review: “Out My Feelings” by Starsky and Master Jugg

Starsky and Master Jugg have released the song “Out My Feelings.” This hip-hop song dabbles in pop to create a sound that will be welcomed by fans of both artists, as well as allow them to get new fans as well. Additionally, Starsky and Master Jugg have released a music video to promote “Out My Feelings.” Between the song itself and the music video, the artists prove “Out My Feelings” to be worthy of repeat listens.

“Out My Feelings” begins with electric guitar before building into the chorus. The lyrics to the song focus primarily about having good times. This is properly summed up in the lyric “Yeah we have it our way.” Many of the lyrics also mention money. For example, a lyric in the chorus mentions “I got all this cash,” and another lyric sees the narrator proclaiming he has “300K,” meaning $300,000. “Out My Feelings” is a feel good song with rapped verses and sung choruses sure to be remembered.

The music video oftentimes shows Starsky and Master Jugg holding money, further emphasizing the theme of money. Viewers will also see the artists talking to girls, rapping and singing into the camera, and seemingly having fun in general. The video fades out to a logo for YAP Films. Their vocals are provided over a catchy drum beat with heavy bass.

Be sure to check out the music video for “Out My Feelings” on YouTube ( To learn more, find the below words from Master Jugg:

Master Jugg:

The Magical Vibe from out my feelings came to me on a diverse vibe. I told myself it was time to switch it up. Starsky walked in and was like “that’s it there!” That’s how I knew we had one of the melodies that Swagg/Ys Trakkz put in the instrumental. It was crazy. I went in and recorded the song in five minutes thanks to Aaron, our personal engineer. Aaron stated that it has a vibe that will make you motivated and I agreed. The message we would give to our fans is, we work hard every day to give them music that allows them to see a point of view in their life. We are always trying to get better, so our fans will always have something to look forward to when we drop new music. The next thing for us is dropping more records and visuals for people to see. We want to drop a couple more singles, then we will follow it up with an EP or album. Check out the music video for Starsky feat. Master Jugg’s song “Out My Feelings,” which is out now on YouTube. Starsky and Master Jugg have charisma and undeniable wordplay that sets the stage for more music projects. These will be bigger than just music, but are interlaced with the realities of black life in America, the streets, and the need for resilience to succeed in anything you do in life. Stay up to date with rising musical superstars Starksy and Master Juff, known as Out My Feelings (OMF); we are ready to tap in with a lot of articles, but no particular one. We are currently working on some new projects, and hope to drop Q1 or Q2 of 2022. Then, we plan to hit the road to touch the fans and give them a chance to hear us live on stage. Be sure to check out Starsky and Master Jugg’s “Out My Feelings” on all digital platforms.

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