“Money” by Darshae Kiér

Rising Miami pop star Darshae Kiér has released the song “Money,” which appears off his new EP titled “Gone.” This song is a perfect listen for anyone looking for something fresh and new in the pop genre, as Darshae Kiér has an innovative sound that will allow him to have staying power in the music industry.

“Money” opens with a combination of synths and guitars played at mid-tempo, setting the stage for the rest of the song. The lyrics open with “Got these exotics trying to vibe with me,” something that is vague enough to spark the curiosity of listeners and get them to pay close attention to the rest of the song. Throughout the entire song, listeners will sense the passion in Darshae Kiér’s voice, and the production makes it easy to hear every word he is singing while also not taking away from the intricacies of the instrumental.

The most memorable part of the song is arguably the chorus: “They got me spending money/Ooh/It’s getting kind of out of control/Burning through these hundreds/Ooh/Feels just like I’m losing control.” The chorus is a catchy melody with simple lyrics that will stick with listeners even after the song is finished. It is safe to say Darshae Kiér has a knack for performing pop songs with both substance and a strong melody.

To listen to “Money,” visit Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/track/3fP7MHzNACZ6Fk43iGZPM6). You can also follow Darshae Kiér on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/darshaekier/) and find all other ways to streams his music here: https://darshaekier.lnk.to/Gone.

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