Review: Breakfast by Fana Hues

On December 10, 2021, Fana Hues released the song “Breakfast.” It is a song that is sure to be discovered by many in the new year. Its catchy melody and captivating lyrics make it worth of repeated plays.

Fana Hues gave a performance of “Breakfast” for A COLORS SHOW. The performance video for “Breakfast” is rather simplistic, and allows listeners to focus on the song itself. It sees Fana Hues standing in a white dress in the middle of a room with a microphone hanging from the ceiling. Aesthetically, all viewers see in the background is a light blue color akin to the sky on a sunny day.

As far as the lyrics themselves, Fana Hues repeats the memorable chorus three times: “Lost/lost track of time/But you stay/In my pretty little mind/You stay you stay you stay/Daydreaming lullabies/Bye bye bye bye/But you stay/In my pretty little mind.” The R&B tune allows the lyrics to remain in the listeners’ heads even after the song is complete. It is sung in a mid-tempo manner with a hint of nostalgia.

“Breakfast” was written by Fana Hues and Hope Shorter. It was produced by Shorter alongside The Idiot and BIAKO. Within the first 17 days of being released, “Breakfast” has racked up nearly 300,000 streams and will surely pick up many more as the word spreads.

Anyone interested can learn more about Fana Hues at her website, Fana Hues can also be found on Twitter and Instagram, @fanahues, where she has over 28,000 followers combined.

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